Luca Zaro


I am a self-taught artist and work in very different expressive fields (engraving, photography, art video, installations, pyrography, stone balancing, etc.). I graduated in Forestry Science and consequently I have always had a passion for Nature and for outdoor work.  I held my first solo in 1992 and participated in several collective exhibitions over the years, especially in Italy.


Dancing Bacterium #2

“It is an unknown shape created by a dance of the unconscious, an archetypical image of Nature in its movement, a strong lure of the site to my creative instinct, an invisible microcosm that shows itself to the sight, something of mine that was not before.“

Seiner Biographie entnahm ich, dass für ihn bereits 1991 der Wald ein wichtiges Element bedeutet bei der Realisierung einer Ausstellung. Er beschäftigte sich auch mit anderen künstlerischen Mitteln und setzte dazu auch das Video ein.

Andere Künstler